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Citrusy White Fish in Parchment with Confit Potatoes

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Bright, Zippy, Complex and Dynamic — These are the flavor tenets I look for in any dish.  Did I mention a simple preparation too? It’s a tall order but this white fish cooked in parchment with olives, potatoes, and citrus is a weekly standard in my household because it check off all of those boxes!  However, getting this recipe to a place that I feel good about took some time, ok years, to perfect. Cooking in parchment is known to infuse flavor as it steams the fish in a sealed envelope but I always felt the results never met my expectations.  BUT, by cooking the potatoes confit in olive oil, shallots, garlic, olives, chili, and citrus I have finally cracked the flavor-code yielding the dreamiest burst of flavor on your palate. Welcome to your favorite new weeknight meal and one that can be prepared in advance and even better — leftover confit potatoes are heavenly in your morning frittata!  And since you always ask I’ve made things simpler for you — my entire look is available here, on along with the recipe and video!

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