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Frequently Asked Questions

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Immediately put your portions into your freezer.

Please get in touch with us via our contact page, we will answer all of your questions and make it right!

The fish is shipped in an insulated box which will maintain the temperature of the fish. However, you must remove the fish and place in your freezer the same day you receive it. Do not let it sit out, as the contents will begin to thaw.

Once your order is shipped, it will be delivered to you within 24 hours via FedEx. We generally ship Wednesday, for Thursday delivery.

Occasionally, during shipment, seal may break. This does not compromise the quality of the fish. If this occurs, use this fish first.

Take the fish out of the freezer 24 hours before you plan to cook it. Puncture the seal, leaving the fish in the plastic vacuum pouch, in the refrigerator. It is best to place a plate under the fish to catch any moisture.

The Flash frozen portions retain the freshness of the fish to the highest degree. See the OSU article on fresh vs frozen research. Also, see Our Sustainable Process and “Why Newman’s?” for reference.

Once the fish is thawed, it needs to be cooked in 2 days if it has remained refrigerated.

Once your fish is cooked, it should be consumed in 3-4 days when held below 40 degrees in your refrigerator.

The Halibut is bone free. The Salmon will have a few larger pin bones. You can cook the salmon with the pin bones left in the fillet. Or, you can remove the pin bones with a pair of needle nosed pliers before cooking (See Youtube – How to pin bone your salmon fillet).

For maintaining the highest quality, we recommend no more than 3-4 weeks in your freezer.

This means that the Halibut was caught on a boat that comes back to port the same day, less that 24 hrs. On average, Halibut boats will fish for 3-5 days before coming back to port. Day Boat Halibut is the highest standard of quality available. Newmans provides Day Boat Halibut for our customers.

Yes, but just the tail, which can be gently pulled off.

Check out video here to watch step-by-step guide to peel shrimp.

The shrimp should be rinsed under cold water. Occasionally, you will see a dark “sand vein” on the top half of the shrimp. It can easily be removed.

Shrimp is very versatile and can be poached, grilled, or pan fried. John’s favorite is to quickly poach in salt water. Using a high quality sea salt is the best. We do not recommend table salt or processed salt in general for any use with food.