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The Newman's Process

Newman’s is committed to quality, freshness, flavor and sustainability – and we have created processes to ensure our wholesale and retail customers receive the best quality seafood available. How do we do it?

1. We partner with responsible suppliers

We partner with local fishermen and fisheries that are committed to delivering premium quality, fresh seafood – all while helping maintain healthy species populations and habitats. We know our fisherman and have built a trusted relationship that spans decades.

2. We purchase seafood that is responsibly harvested

We support environmentally conscious and responsible fishing and fish farming. We emphasize wild-caught fish that is caught by hook-and-line. This is a more environmentally friendly and targeted method of fishing, which results in less by-catch and a higher quality product. While much of what we sell is wild-caught fish, we also sell sustainably harvested farmed fish. Newman’s works with trusted aqua farmers who are committed to responsible fish farming practices and maintaining the highest industry standards. We’re committed to supporting sustainable practices to help protect the health of our oceans today and for future generations.

3. We continually check fish for quality control

Newman’s buys whole fish directly from the supplier and inspects every fish upon arrival. The fish is immediately cut, vacuum packed, and flash frozen to our high standards. Vacuum packing and flash freezing preserves the freshness, integrity, and quality of the fish and seafood. You can read more about the quality of frozen seafood here: Frozen Seafood Performs Better Than Fresh In OSU Taste Test.

4. We work with our customers.

Newman’s develops true partnerships with our customers, keeping them up to date on what’s in season.  Our offerings change as the freshest in season becomes available. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will make it right.