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Halibut Cheeks346Pacific Halibut are the largest flatfish found on the continental shelf from California to the Bering Sea. Halibut have flat, diamond-shaped bodies, typically from 10 …

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Wild Shrimp998Wild Shrimp from Mazatlan, Mexico; these shrimp are sweet, tender, and do not have the “iodine” flavor reminiscent of the Gulf Shrimp. The shrimp are …

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Seafood Sausage1000Handmade at Newman’s Facility. Rockfish, Scallops, Oregon Shrimpmeat, Smoked Salmon, mixed with eggs and cream. Exquisitely Blended With Fresh Dill and Mild Spice. Easily Poached …

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Creative King Salmon1004Newman’s offers a sustainably farmed, certified Canadian Organic Chinook Salmon from the Pacific waters off the coast of Vancouver Island. We are excited with the …

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Dungeness Crab Meat1006Premiere crab meat, packaged in one pound bags.

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Wild King Salmon (Chinook)1568Wild Chinook Salmon, more specifically known as Salt Water Oregon Troll, is caught by the hook and line method one at a time. They are …

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Balmoral Salmon Lox1570Balmoral Salmon Lox, pre-sliced and ready to serve. Salmon Lox are brined and smoked using the cold smoked method. The Salmon Lox is made from …

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Dry Scallop1574Fresh and easy to prepare, Wild Alaskan Scallops are not be missed. They are firm ‘tenderloin medallion’ delicate, flavorful, and melt in your mouth. Wild …

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Petrale Sole1576Petrale Sole is caught at the Oregon Coast. The sole is a bottom dweller fish, very similar to halibut. It is flaky, low fat, and …

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Cooked Oregon Shrimp Meat1583Cooked Oregon Shrimpmeat is from the Oregon Coast. The raw shrimp are cooked and the shells are removed at the processor. This shrimp is ready …

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Oregon Albacore Tuna1585Oregon Canned Albacore Tuna is caught and canned at the Oregon Coast. A full 8 oz can, packed in water with minimal salt for flavoring. …

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Albacore Tuna Fillet1963Albacore Tuna is caught off of the Pacific Coast from July to September. These fish are about 15 lbs and gain weight as they travel …

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Dayboat Halibut Fillet2159Pacific Halibut are the largest flatfish found on the continental shelf, from California to the Bering Sea. Halibut have flat, diamond-shaped bodies, typically from 10 …

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White Sturgeon Caviar2463This white sturgeon caviar is buttery and sweet with a hint of salt, made in the traditional molossal style. No hormones, no antibiotics, and no …

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Smoked Keta Salmon2737We custom smoke our fish in our own facility. This Keta salmon is brined with unrefined cane sugar, unrefined evaporated sea salt, pepper, and bay …

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Coho Salmon2875Wild Coho Salmon is caught by hook and line fishers in Sitka, AK. The Coho Salmon, also know as Silver Salmon, are caught in the …

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Quinault Razor Clams3000

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