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Why Newman's?

On average, consumers are the 5th link in the distribution chain. It begins with fisherman, processor, wholesaler, grocery store, and you, the consumer. Each step of the way adds age to the product.

Newman’s Fish, by vacuum packing and freezing the fish immediately upon receipt, eliminates 2 links in the distribution chain. This results in a significantly higher quality product that doesn’t “smell” like fish.

“Good fish isn’t cheap and cheap fish isn’t good!”

John Cleary, Owner

When Newman’s Fish first opened it’s doors, our number one priority was quality. We learned how complicated this business is, with so many different fishing methods and so many different degrees of quality. It is almost impossible for the end consumer to become knowledgeable when there are so many variables.

We primarily concentrated on “hook and line” fishing methods, as they are more environmentally friendly and this fishing method provides the highest quality of fish. This method isn’t the least expensive, but it is absolutely the best.

Newman’s Fish has developed a 4 step process, assuring you the highest quality of seafood: 1.) We carefully inspect every lb of fish. 2.) We wash all of the seafood with ozinated water to eliminate bacteria. 3.) We immediately vacuum pack each piece of fish. 4.) We fast freeze the seafood within hours of being processed.

“Good fish isn’t cheap and cheap fish isn’t good!”

We know you will enjoy your fish from Newman’s.